About Us

Who We Are

Why A Crypto Exchange?

Like most Indian crypto enthusiasts, we were unable to operate our services in our home turf due to uncertain and hostile grounds. But when the air of uncertainty cleared, we jumped into action. India is quite behind in the crypto industry but we endeavor to level the playing grounds. We want to provide our fellow Indian crypto enthusiasts with a sleek, fast, reliable, and efficient crypto trading platform. Our journey starts in a busy suburb of the silicon valley of India, slowly spreading our roots, deep, far and wide.

As crypto buds back to life, we put our efforts into creating a cryptocurrency exchange that emphasizes security at an architectural level. Being an emerging trading platform, we provide time tested cryptocurrency services with our competence in finance and technology. Cryptocurrencies have brought significant growth world over and it’s about time that India joined the crew. Because at BitPolo, we firmly believe that crypto is the future of finance. So the question that we should ask ourselves is not ‘Why Crypto?’, but ‘Why Not Crypto?’

Our Vision

Cryptocurrency in India has not seen much light of the day. Crypto is borderless and we strive to elicit crypto adoption by the entire world by providing services unbound by borders. The first step to bringing about a ubiquitous crypto economy is through the revolution of finance and banking. BitPolo was born from the pyres of this vision.

Our Mission

With a crypto trading platform, we register our first steps in the Indian crypto industry. Crypto has grown to be a vast ocean, servicing diverse fields, generating businesses, and inducing innovation. We believe its capabilities far exceed current usage. And we as a crypto company deliver exemplary futuristic solutions that deploy crypto in markets seldom ventured, to unravel its full potential.

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